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Your friendly reminder that not everyone makes it to Katahdin.

What's All This Then?

About The Author

John Desilets is a hiking enthusiast who attempted to hike the Appalachian Trail in 2017. He did not succeed. This would be a very different website if he had.

John is making his authorial debut to chronicle all the lessons he learned through his failure. This may help you avoid making the same mistakes. Or it might inform you which mistakes are worth making. I'd consider both a win.


Why Write This Book?

I've always believed you learn the most from your failures. Since 80% of people fail the Appalachian Trail, you'd think there would be a wealth of knowledge available from them.

Alas, most books are from those who completed the trail. While they offer great advice, seeing only success stories can make the AT seem much easier than it really is.

Through this book I hope to raise visibility of the many ways you can fail, share my findings so you can learn from them, and remove the stigma from failing.  


"Maybe the finest writing of our time. Truly a marvel of modern literature." - Me

"Seems too preachy." - My Wife

"...super rad. I found myself physically laughing through most of it." - My friend who read the first few chapters.

"I liked the part with the hiking." - My friend who clearly didn't read anything I sent him.

"Why are you giving me this? I'm not even a publisher!" - A Publisher (I think)

Sample Appalachian Fail

If you'd like a taste of Appalachian Fail, reach out to me and I'll send a delicious sampling of failure your way.

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